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Termination of tenancy agreement early: How to minimize penalties

27/07/2021 0 Comment
Termination of tenancy agreement early: How to end a lease agreement early & What you can do to minimize penalties & get your deposit back
How to safely break a contract

Breach of contract: 15 common violations & How to safely break a contract?

26/07/2021 0 Comment
What is a breach of contract? Common violations and How to safely break a contract with both landlord and tenant? Terminating A Lease Agreement
Lease agreement 17 most important terms you need to know scaled

Lease agreement: 17 most important terms you need to know

24/07/2021 0 Comment
Professional lease agreement with 17 most important terms you need to know. Safe lease agreement protects your legal rights, save time and money in the...
Rental Scams 7 common rental scams how to protect yourself and report rental scams scaled

7 common rental scams, how to protect yourself & report rental scams

22/07/2021 0 Comment
Protect yourself from rental scammers. 7 Common rental scams, Tips for Avoiding Them in Vietnam and How to report rental scams?
important notes when leasing a house JHouse scaled

13 important notes when leasing a house for a family going to have a baby

11/07/2021 0 Comment
We would like to send our best wishes to you and the new member of your family. JHouse understands your excitement, happiness, pride and worries....
What is the lease commission JHouse scaled

(VI) Phí môi giới cho thuê BĐS là gì? Và những điều cần lưu ý

06/07/2021 0 Comment
Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese.
Pets deposit scaled

What is a pet deposit? How does it work in Vietnam?

25/06/2021 0 Comment
Is your pet a member of your family? Are you planning to have a pet in the future? Are you looking for a pet-friendly house?...
Register temporaty Residence for foreigners in VietNam scaled

Register temporary for foreigners when renting a house in Vietnam

24/06/2021 0 Comment
Are you a property owner, landlord, accommodation owner, etc. are renting a house to foreigners, or you have foreign friends/relatives living in Vietnam and want...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Security Deposit

24/06/2021 0 Comment
You are the owner, tenant or agent, … and you are going to sign a leasing contract. You are worried and have many questions about... protect your deposit 1

11 Tips to protect your security deposit

22/06/2021 0 Comment
Getting your deposit back is an important step when you end your leasing contract. The security deposit is basically your money and you don’t expect...
Cross Cultural Training

22+ Countries have been serviced by JHouse

02/02/2020 0 Comment
What we do is very simple “Brings you a truly suitable apartment”. We are local people, more than anyone else we know about apartments, owners,...

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