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Security Deposit Agreement: Free Download Sample Agreement 2021

17/09/2021 0 Comment
Security deposit agreement is an agreement to secure the performance of a lease agreement between tenant & landlord. Download sample...

Tenant’s guide to normal wear and tear when renting in Vietnam

15/09/2021 0 Comment
What is normal wear and tear? Does the landlord deduct security deposit for fair wear and tear? difference between wear...

What can a landlord deduct from my security deposit in Vietnam?

14/09/2021 0 Comment
Most renters want their full security deposit back when they move out. But landlord can be deducted from security deposit....

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back? 4 Easy Steps

13/09/2021 0 Comment
How to get your security deposit refund? Get your full deposit back quickly with JHouse's 4-step process, simple and easy...
Sublease apartment

Sublease an apartment in Vietnam: Basic things you need to know

14/08/2021 0 Comment
What is sublease an apartment? What are the benefits of subleasing & when to sublease an apartment? 3 popular subleases...
Negotiate rent JHouse.vn

How to negotiate rent & Formula for successful negotiate rent

07/08/2021 0 Comment
The formula for successful negotiate rent is: Who + Why + When. Combined with good ways to negotiate rent as...
lease contract JHouse 1

Termination of tenancy agreement early: How to minimize penalties

27/07/2021 0 Comment
Termination of tenancy agreement early: How to end a lease agreement early & What you can do to minimize penalties...
Lease agreement 17 most important terms you need to know JHouse.vn scaled

Lease agreement: 17 most important terms you need to know

24/07/2021 0 Comment
Professional lease agreement with 17 most important terms you need to know. Safe lease agreement protects your legal rights, save...
Rental Scams 7 common rental scams how to protect yourself and report rental scams JHouse.vn scaled

7 common rental scams, how to protect yourself & report rental scams

22/07/2021 0 Comment
Protect yourself from rental scammers. 7 Common rental scams, Tips for Avoiding Them in Vietnam and How to report rental...
Pets deposit scaled

What is a pet deposit? How does it work in Vietnam?

25/06/2021 0 Comment
Is your pet a member of your family? Are you planning to have a pet in the future? Are you...

Everything You Need to Know About Your Security Deposit

24/06/2021 0 Comment
You are the owner, tenant or agent, … and you are going to sign a leasing contract. You are worried...
jhouse.vn protect your deposit 1

11 Tips to protect your security deposit

22/06/2021 0 Comment
Getting your deposit back is an important step when you end your leasing contract. The security deposit is basically your...

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