What is a furnished apartment? What is included inside apartment

29/09/2021 0 Comment
A furnished apartment is an apartment that comes with essential furnishings & household items that make a place livable. Read...

What is a penthouse apartment? Pros and cons of life on top

27/09/2021 0 Comment
Penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a building, high ceilings, spacious, open space and luxurious design with...

What is a basement apartment? Everything you need to know

25/09/2021 0 Comment
Living in a basement apartment means you live underground. 5 pros and 7 cons and 5 important notes before renting...

What is a loft apartment? Popular loft apartment designs in Vietnam

25/09/2021 0 Comment
Loft apartment is an attic or loft apartment with an industrial design that exposes walls, ceilings & pipes. What makes...

What is a studio apartment? 10 pros and 5 cons you need to know

22/09/2021 0 Comment
Studio apartment or single apartment is a small-sized apartment with no partition separating the bedroom from the rest. Read now...

Tenant’s guide to different 11 types of apartments for rent in Vietnam

20/09/2021 0 Comment
Understanding the popular types of apartments for rent in Vietnam will help you save time and choose the best apartment....

Security Deposit Agreement: Free Download Sample Agreement 2021

17/09/2021 0 Comment
Security deposit agreement is an agreement to secure the performance of a lease agreement between tenant & landlord. Download sample...

Tenant’s guide to normal wear and tear when renting in Vietnam

15/09/2021 0 Comment
What is normal wear and tear? Does the landlord deduct security deposit for fair wear and tear? difference between wear...

What can a landlord deduct from my security deposit in Vietnam?

14/09/2021 0 Comment
Most renters want their full security deposit back when they move out. But landlord can be deducted from security deposit....

How to Get Your Security Deposit Back? 4 Easy Steps

13/09/2021 0 Comment
How to get your security deposit refund? Get your full deposit back quickly with JHouse's 4-step process, simple and easy...

8 yếu tố làm nên thành công của môi giới bất động sản tự do (VN ver)

29/08/2021 0 Comment
Môi giới bất động sản tự do thành công cần tự tin về kiến thức, tư duy hệ thống để...

Môi giới bất động sản tự do hay công ty? 8 câu trả lời thuyết phục (VN ver)

28/08/2021 0 Comment
Nên làm môi giới bất động sản tự do hay vào làm cho một công ty nào đó? Bài viết...

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