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What is a penthouse apartment? Pros and cons of life on top

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Penthouse – life on top, both you and I want!

Live above everyone else, watching amazing sunrises and sunsets from the blue sky. Or watch the tiny cars moving under your feet and the skyscrapers. You take pride in everything you have at the top of the building. That place is the penthouse, the place of luxury, the authority of status and the taste of wealth. Before withdrawing, let’s see what a penthouse really is?

What is a penthouse? The privilege of living only for the rich

In this article, JHouse will provide you with useful information about the concept of what is a penthouse and how are they different from ordinary apartments in the same building? The characteristics that make up the penthouse brand and the pros and cons you need to know before renting. Without keeping you waiting, here’s everything you need to know about this luxury apartment.


Penthouse apartment at City Garden apartment building, Binh Thanh District, HCMC, VN

What is a penthouse?

Definition of a penthouse from Wikipedia: A penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of an apartment building, hotel or tower and not necessarily a penthouse. High-rise investors have made the most of the top floor area and created comfortable and modern apartments to bring an impressive living space.

A penthouse is generally understood as an apartment located on the top floor of an apartment building. Penthouse is a luxury apartment designed with a large area, high ceilings and open space.

Penthouse apartments also have other names:

  • Rooftop apartment. Because located on the top floor and at the bottom of the roof of the building.
  • Duplex penthouse apartment. Penthouse apartments can have 2 or 3 interconnected floors located on the top floor of the apartment building.

Are Penthouses on the Top Floor?

In fact, the market’s demand is increasing day by day, making penthouses scarce. Therefore, the concept of penthouses is somewhat more flexible to provide more penthouses to the market.

And this is the new definition of penthouse. A penthouse is a structure on the roof of a building that is set back from its outer walls. These structures do not have to occupy the entire roof deck. This extends the penthouse definition by using staggered roofs and setbacks. This way, a building can have more than one roof and more penthouses.

You can picture the top (top) side of the building as a ladder. See also the figure below to better understand the flexibility in this definition.


Staggered roof design at Luxgarden apartment building, District 7, HCMC, VN

Features of the penthouse apartment

Penthouses are likened to a villa or an oasis in the air that contains all the benefits of a luxury home. You can find penthouses with many different design styles and sizes. However, a true penthouse will have outstanding features that you cannot find in other types of apartments.

  • Located on the top floor of the building
  • High ceilings
  • Large area, lots of living space
  • Open floor plans.
  • A spacious living room or dining room.
  • A private outdoor space, whether it be a balcony, terrace, or rooftop deck.
  • Panoramic view / Panoramic views
  • High-class and luxurious equipment and furniture
  • May have a private elevator, swimming pool and garden

With unique features, Penthouse deserves to be the market leader and generally the most expensive. Penthouses are associated with a lavish lifestyle for those with high positions and wealth. Exclusive Penthouse brand – Life on top.

Penthouse apartments are designed in a variety of structures and areas as well as decorative styles. However, the core value of penthouses is still towards the inherent luxury, high-end and uniqueness. This is what makes penthouses different from other types of apartments.

Based on the structure, the design of penthouse apartments is often divided into 2 popular types. However, all designs in general create a large and airy space with large glass panels.

  • Popular penthouse apartment

The most common type of penthouse is a penthouse located on the top floor of a building but with only one floor. Functional areas such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, entertainment room, dining room and kitchen, terrace or balcony, etc. are all arranged on a single plane or floor.


Popular penthouse apartment with a single floor

  • Duplex penthouse apartment

A penthouse apartment is an apartment designed with at least 2 connecting floors located on the top floor of an apartment building. Basically, the design is like a duplex apartment but located at the highest position in the building.


Duplex penthouse apartment with 3 floors

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In addition, some luxury apartment projects can increase the value and exclusivity of the penthouse by adding a swimming pool (Pool penthouse) and private garden – you can imagine it as an oasis. on high. Rarely, a few projects use private elevators creating a unique privilege for penthouse owners.


Pool penthouse at diamond island apartment, District 2, HCMC, VN

The penthouse is a million-dollar “paradise” that the rich often seek to enjoy their own life and assert their unique style and position in society.

Benefits of living in a penthouse apartment

It can be seen that penthouses are increasingly popular in the world as well as in Vietnam. That is in line with the development trend of the real estate market. People’s living needs are increasing day by day and high-class apartments like penthouses will be more and more popular. Here are the privileged benefits that penthouses bring to you.

1. Large and airy area

Without further argument about this, penthouses are always larger than other apartments in the same building. In addition, high ceilings and walls are replaced with glass to help increase the viewing angle and create ventilation for the apartment.

2. Panoramic view – endless beauty

Great view – is the “money” spot of the penthouse. Located on the top and not blocked by other buildings, it creates a clear view of the city. From the top floor, you will see the skyline, the twinkling lights of the buildings and the surrounding landscape stretching for kilometers. The amazing view is an extremely classy experience and not many people can get it in a big city.

3. Luxury living space

The penthouses are equipped with appliances, furniture and some amenities that most people only dream of. The large area and high ceilings make the room feel larger than usual. From layout design to interior layout, all to create the most luxurious and comfortable living space. When you bid to buy or rent a penthouse, you’re paying for a luxurious living space.

4. Privacy – Quiet

When you live in a big, busy city, you often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of people. Penthouse can be a good choice for you to leave all that at your feet. Living in a penthouse is synonymous with “Life on top”, you have more privacy than the average person and avoid noisy neighbors and escape the bustling city full of dust.

5. Status and prestige

Another privilege that Penthouse apartments bring to owners is status and prestige – class. Why is that? Firstly, Penthouse is a limited edition, not everyone wants to have it. Second, to live the “life on top” you need to spend a large or huge amount of money to own or rent a penthouse. Third, owners of penthouses often enjoy a variety of services that are not available to others in the same building.

Disadvantages of living in a penthouse apartment

Nothing is perfect, every product has its pros and cons. So what are the disadvantages of penthouses that tenants need to consider?

1. High price

The penthouse offers its own perks and in return you need to pay more. Penthouses are usually much more expensive to buy or rent than other apartments in the same building. You are paying more for luxurious living space and great views. Consider and be careful, sometimes you will have to pay the price. But you can leave it all behind if the penthouse is worth it.

2. A limited number of penthouses

Penthouse is a limited edition. A limited quantity is both an advantage that creates uniqueness for the owner and a disadvantage. Penthouses are often bought to live in rather than rent out. Therefore, there are not many penthouses available for you to choose from. If you are interested in renting a penthouse, you need more time to hunt. Besides, you may be competing on price and time by other potential tenants.

3. Long elevator ride

Being on the top floor of the building means you need more time in the elevator to get up and down. This doesn’t sound like a big deal. But you know, your time is limited and especially valuable to busy people. In addition, there may be potential risks from elevator failures.

4. Weather Can Be Harsh

The higher you go, the harsher the weather. The penthouse will be hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. In addition, you will feel short of breath and afraid when it rains, high winds or thunder.

5. Expensive for maintenance and cleaning

The spacious area is a privilege, but with that you need to spend more money to maintain and clean the apartment. The apartment on the top of the building is often affected by the weather the most, the apartment can leak water, high winds damage the glass, hot weather will make the air conditioner work more, … all these risks, you will be the one to bear the consequences.

Penthouses come with luxurious equipment and furniture, which when damaged need repair or replacement will be more expensive. Owning a penthouse can be as easy as a luxury car, but routine maintenance and upkeep is another story.

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Living in a penthouse, you get to live at the top – life on top, a classy and privileged experience that showcases your status and wealth. The core value of penthouses is towards the inherent luxury, luxury and uniqueness.

This is an article that summarizes all the information you need to know about Penthouse apartments in Vietnam. You’ve learned more about what a penthouse is, its common features and designs, and the benefits and disadvantages of living in a penthouse.

Penthouses are limited edition but it’s for everyone, including you. If you are looking for a penthouse apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh, we are here to help you find it faster with the right budget.


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