What is a furnished apartment? What is included inside apartment

29/09/2021 0 Comment
A furnished apartment is an apartment that comes with essential furnishings & household items that make a place livable. Read...

What is a penthouse apartment? Pros and cons of life on top

27/09/2021 0 Comment
Penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a building, high ceilings, spacious, open space and luxurious design with...

What is a basement apartment? Everything you need to know

25/09/2021 0 Comment
Living in a basement apartment means you live underground. 5 pros and 7 cons and 5 important notes before renting...

What is a loft apartment? Popular loft apartment designs in Vietnam

25/09/2021 0 Comment
Loft apartment is an attic or loft apartment with an industrial design that exposes walls, ceilings & pipes. What makes...

What is a duplex apartment? 5 pros and 5 cons you need to know

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Duplex apartment or two-floor unit is an apartment with 2 connecting floors that have spacious space and stairs inside. Read...

What is a studio apartment? 10 pros and 5 cons you need to know

22/09/2021 0 Comment
Studio apartment or single apartment is a small-sized apartment with no partition separating the bedroom from the rest. Read now...

Tenant’s guide to different 11 types of apartments for rent in Vietnam

20/09/2021 0 Comment
Understanding the popular types of apartments for rent in Vietnam will help you save time and choose the best apartment....

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