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What is a studio apartment? 10 pros and 5 cons you need to know

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What is a studio apartment? Why are studio apartments a great choice for singles, students or newlyweds or those just starting life in a new city? What are the advantages of living in a studio apartment? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you answer those questions.

What is a studio apartment? 10 benefits you should know before renting a studio apartment

In this article, JHouse will provide you with useful information about the concept of what a studio apartment is, common design types and the pros and cons of a studio apartment. Besides, JHouse will reveal the things to consider when renting a studio in Vietnam. Without making you wait for so long, let’s start with the first question.


What is a studio apartment?

Studio apartments are also known as studio apartments or single apartments, these self-contained apartments are a concept used only for small size apartments. The space inside the apartment has no partition between the sleeping area and the living area. But still have full basic functions such as sleeping area, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Standard studio apartment: There is a common misconception that studio apartments are defined by size – area. But actually, that’s not true. The important grading criterion to consider here is “design/layout” to decide whether an apartment is a studio or a bedroom. As their name suggests, one-bedroom apartments have a wall that separates the bedroom space from the rest of the apartment, allowing for more privacy.

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The feature of the studio apartment is that there is no separate partition and small area, the problem for the designer is how to create more space and separate areas. Here are the popular studio apartment designs in Vietnam.

1. Room divider curtain

Installing room dividers is a simple – easy to implement and low-cost solution to separate the sleeping area from the kitchen area. Today with innovative, modern and available curtains, you can choose a curtain with a pattern that suits your preferences.

2. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or wardrobe

A floor-to-ceiling bookshelf or wardrobe is a practical solution to book compartments in the living areas. Both provide storage space and decorate the apartment.

3. Sliding door

Sliding or sliding doors are both aesthetically pleasing and bring a sense of privacy to the apartment and do not take up much space.

4. Glass compartment

This is the type of studio apartment design commonly seen in Vietnam. The glass partition will help divide the areas in the apartment, but you will still see the whole studio.


Advantages of studio apartments

Although the studio apartment is small in size, it offers some outstanding benefits for tenants as follows:

1. Cheaper rent

One of the factors to consider is how much an apartment will cost to rent is the size of the apartment, larger area = more expensive rent. Studio apartment has the advantage of small area, so the rent is always cheaper than other types of apartments.

Renting a studio apartment can be a great way to start living in a new city or save on rent to live alone without finding a roommate.

2. Save money on utility bills

In addition to the advantage of cheaper rent, studio apartments also have another financial advantage that you need to consider when choosing apartment types. The cost of utility bills will be lower.

The space inside a studio apartment is usually small, so the cost of using electricity for air conditioning, lighting, … and also the cost of using water is usually less. Of course, the cost of electricity and water depends on your actual usage.

3. Save money on equipment & furniture purchases

With the small area design of the studio apartment, you will not have to buy more equipment or furniture. Moreover, you only need to equip the apartment with furniture of the right size, spend on high-quality and really necessary items.

4. Cleaning is easier in a studio apartment

The studio apartment is a small house, you don’t spend a lot of time and cleaning materials to clean the apartment – cleaning your apartment is just a snap. Since there is less room for clutter and excess furniture, the space is a lot easier to clean up and maintain.

5. Less clutter

When you live in a small studio space, you have no choice but to organize your apartment more neatly to find space for you. You will tend to remove unnecessary items and take up space. As a result, you will be less cluttered and maintain a neater, cleaner apartment.

6. Environmental friendly lifestyle

It’s hard to measure environmentally friendly. But it can be seen that with the small space of the studio, you will use less electricity and water. And of course, the materials to build the studio are also less.

7. They often has a favorable location

You can find studio apartments anywhere in the city, from the suburbs to the city center. With the advantage of small size, studio apartments can be located in a large building or even a small building. Therefore, studio apartments often have a convenient location and good transport links. You can find a studio apartment close to where you work or not too far from the city center, which makes it easy to manage your time and take initiative in your commute.

8. You’ll want to go out more

In fact, living in a studio encourages you to get out more often. The studio doesn’t have much space for you, you can’t move from room or room to change the scene – change the emotion. This has brought you to another option of going out and exploring the world around you. However, be aware of your expenses!

9. Easier to sublease

It’s not very interesting to have to sublet the apartment. But reality shows that there will be times when you have a difficult time and subleasing is a solution you will consider to save costs. Cheap rent is an advantage for you to easily sublet your studio apartment.

10. More time and money to do the things you love

Cheaper rent, less utility bills, savings on equipment & furniture and less time spent on cleaning and maintenance, etc. That means more time and money to follow your passion and the freedom to do what you love.


Disadvantages of studio apartments

Studio apartments have a lot of advantages, but there are also some limitations to consider when moving into a studio apartment. The disadvantage of studio apartments stems from the small area of ​​the apartment. Let’s find out the disadvantages of a studio apartment with JHouse below.

1. Small area – lack of storage space

The studio apartments have limited space due to the small area. Currently, studio apartments in Vietnam have an average area of ​​20 – 65m2. Living in a studio apartment requires you to use every square meter effectively to maximize space. As a result, you will find the studio apartment to be claustrophobic. In addition, you may have to remove things because there is no space for storage.

2. Privacy restrictions

With a design without partitions separating the bedroom and living areas, everything is within your sight. It would be normal to be alone in the apartment. But it will lose privacy when friends come to play. You cannot hide your own places, for example, the bedroom. The privacy of the studio apartment is very limited.

3. Fits one or two people

The limited area of ​​the studio apartment makes this type of apartment only suitable for one or a maximum of two people to live. If many people live in such a small space, it will be very cramped and uncomfortable. This is why a studio apartment is suitable for single people, students or newlyweds, …

4. Creativity and decoration are limited

The small space of the studio will limit creativity and freedom to decorate the apartment to express your own style.

5. Loneliness

Living alone can be free sometimes, but not all the time. Life needs connection and communication between people. You can find that outside of your apartment, but you want it to happen inside your apartment, too. Consider living in a studio apartment and make sure it suits your personality.

Things to consider when renting a studio apartment in Vietnam

  • Set your budget: Studio rent depends on location, furniture, area and utilities provided by the landlord/building. It is better to plan your budget before looking for a studio apartment to rent.
  • Check the living space: You should actually check the studio apartment before signing the agreement. Make sure that the apartment is not too cramped or poorly lit.
  • Amenities and facilities: you need to check with the landlord about the amenities inside the apartment, whether the apartment is fully furnished and equipped. You’re better off choosing a fully furnished studio apartment to start with. Check lighting and other amenities in the building.
  • Check location: You need to check the location of the apartment, make sure it’s close to amenities such as convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, banks, etc. And, check commuting from the apartment How much time will it take to get to the workplace and is it easy?

JHouse hopes that through this article you have understood the studio apartment definition, what their standards and designs look like in Vietnam. A studio apartment could be a great choice for you with its compact design and 10 outstanding benefits that will help you save on rent and start living in a new city. Don’t ignore the 5 disadvantages of a studio, to know what you can face when living in a small space.

Now it’s time to start looking for a perfect studio apartment, we’re here to help you find it faster with the right budget.


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