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Benefits of serviced apartments, 9 reasons to choose a serviced apartment

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Maybe you are on a business trip, traveling, going to another city for work, … or waiting to receive a new house. When you consider looking for an apartment to live in for a few months or longer, a serviced apartment is a great choice for you. What are the benefits of serviced apartments?

The benefits of serviced apartments – 9 reasons to choose serviced apartments

Are you confused with the question what is a serviced apartment? Is it comfortable to live in a serviced apartment? Is the serviced apartment private and comfortable? Or cost-effective serviced apartment, … Don’t worry, a serviced apartment is a great idea for you. Let’s find out the benefits of serviced apartments with JHouse as well as answer the question of why should you choose a serviced apartment. All are mentioned below, you just need to read them to find the answer for yourself.

A serviced apartment is a type of house with full utilities and furniture like a regular apartment – and with accompanying services such as: cleaning, changing bed sheets, laundry, washing dishes, etc. internet, cable TV, … Here are 9 reasons to choose a serviced apartment.

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The benefits of Serviced apartments is comfortable space

In Vietnam, there are no regulations on the area of serviced apartments. However, reality shows that serviced apartments often have a larger space than hotel apartments. Bigger space is a factor that helps the serviced apartment has an additional functional area, which is the kitchen.

This helps tenants feel comfortable and have a lot of creative space for themselves right in their own apartment. Tenants can stay in a cramped and stuffy space for a week or two, or a whole week, but it’s horrible if it goes on for a long time. Serviced apartments are a great choice for long-term tenants with spacious and comfortable spaces, dispelling the fear of being cramped.

The benefit of serviced apartments is privacy

Tenants can rent short-term or long-term, however, all want privacy. Privacy is reflected in the fact that tenants can come and go at any time, not be disturbed and can work, play and relax at any time in the apartment.

Serviced apartments provide a level of privacy for tenants right inside the apartment. Tenants will find all functional areas in an apartment, from the bathroom to living room to kitchen, laundry, etc. Serviced apartments provide a sufficient level of privacy for tenants to feel safe and feel like living in your own house.

Benefits of Serviced apartments is Flexibility

Tenants can move furniture or add paintings inside the apartment without any complaints from the landlord – this is the flexibility that serviced apartments offer.

Flexibility is also reflected in the fact that tenants can cook and do laundry at any time convenient to their schedule without any regulations or constraints from the landlord.

Tenants can come and go at any time with their own keys, and can bring friends to the apartment to play, organize small parties, etc. Or use the facilities in the building without having to register first or wait for the turn.

benefits of serviced apartments is Kitchen & laundry equipment

Benefits of Serviced apartments is Kitchen & laundry equipment

All serviced apartments provide tenants with a kitchen space with full cooking equipment. This is a great thing to create convenience and save on food costs for tenants.

“Convenience and Cost-effective”

In Vietnam, most serviced apartment buildings provide separate or shared washers and dryers for the whole building. The good news is that it’s completely free. Tenants can actively do their own laundry and save quite a bit on monthly rental costs. You’d be surprised how much money you can save from cooking and doing your own laundry – a number worth considering.

Benefits of Serviced apartments is furniture and service included

Serviced apartments are designed by owners and investors in a variety of styles and areas with full equipment and furniture for functional areas inside the apartment. Tenants do not have to purchase additional furniture. The apartment is prepared to welcome tenants.

Tenants only need to pay the package rent and enjoy all accompanying services such as: Cleaning, changing bed sheets, laundry, internet, cable TV, gym, swimming pool, security, … Serviced apartment allows tenants to focus on work and enjoy city life.

 benefits of serviced apartments is as warm as home

The serviced apartment is as warm as home

Serviced apartments provide a spacious open space fully furnished and equipped. Giving tenants a feeling of comfort and convenience with a cozy and equally private space, parties with friends and relatives in their own apartment.

“Benefits of serviced apartments is Feel like Home”

In addition, the serviced apartment offers a perfect local communication and security environment. Tenants are cared for, serviced and supported by the landlord on a regular basis. All create a feeling of comfort and warmth like the tenant’s real home.

Community and personalization

Tenants have many conditions and opportunities to make friends and chat with other tenants or locals in the same building and nearby area.

Serviced apartments also offer a personalized experience, as guests often get to know the staff and the building manager or landlord. This allows landlords to understand the needs, personalities, schedules and habits of their tenants – thereby providing a service tailored to each tenant in the building. Tenants can choose to schedule cleaning, laundry, delivery, …

benefits of serviced apartments is location

The benefits of serviced apartments is location

Benefits of staying in a serviced apartment. Another great thing that serviced apartments bring is “Location” – serviced apartment buildings are distributed everywhere in the city, in both the center and the suburbs. Therefore, serviced apartments can meet the needs of many different customer groups.

“Experience life like a local”

Unlike hotels, usually found in central areas and main roads. Serviced apartments can be found in residential areas with quiet and privacy, while creating an enjoyable local exploration experience for tenants.

It will be interesting for tenants to experience life like a local, walk the streets, eat local food, talk to locals, etc. Live in a serviced apartment can give tenants an invisible feeling of living like a local.

benefits of serviced apartments is value and cost savings

Value and cost savings in the long run

Why should you choose a serviced apartment? The first thing that can be noticed, the average rental price of a serviced apartment is lower than that of a hotel or apartment. In Vietnam, the difference is from 10 – 50% depending on location and utilities.

Second, the serviced apartment provides a fully equipped kitchen with kitchen and laundry facilities. Tenants can actively cook at home instead of having to eat out and do their own laundry instead of using an expensive laundry service outside. This provides significant cost savings for tenants.

Third, serviced apartments often offer a full rental package – no hidden or hidden costs such as bar, room service, management fee, restaurant, etc. Helping tenants control and save better rental costs.

“Benefits of Serviced apartments is a cost-effective in the long term”

Fourth, serviced apartments provide fully furnished and equipped – which means tenants don’t need to buy extra. Not buying furniture helps tenants save a large amount of money right from the moment they move into the apartment.

Fifth, serviced apartments help tenants save 10% value-added tax (VAT tax). If staying at the hotel, the tenant needs to pay 10% value-added tax. Saving 10% on rent is a great thing that every tenant wants.

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